NHAB launching two NCSA campaigns

The NHAB is embarking on two Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement (NCSA) campaigns this summer.
patchWe recently issued an insertion for a radio-only New Hampshire Liquor Commission – Enforcement Division NCSA campaign centered on underage drinking and driving under the influence.  This six week campaign runs through July 26.

The second NCSA brings back the Department of Safety’s “Safe Driving Around Trucks” campaign.  The focus of this campaign is increasing awareness among New Hampshire drivers that large trucks and buses need more room to stop, have larger blind spots and shouldn’t be tailgated.  The NHAB ran this campaign in 2012 and provided more than new-hampshire-department-of-safety-patch12,000 spots to the Department of Safety.  It runs from June 22 through September 13.

As always, your participation in these NCSA campaigns ensure that the NHAB has the funding to provide sales training, scholarship programs, job fairs and events like the Granite Mikes (which is October 22).

Copies of the insertion orders and spots can be found by visiting the NCSA Downloads page on NHAB.org.  Thank you for your support.

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