EAS Event Codes

The event codes in bold type are recommended at all NH stations by the State Emergency Communications Committee.

National Event Codes (required):

EAN Emergency Action Notification (National only)
EAT Emergency Action Termination (National only)
NIC National Information Center
NPT National Periodic Test
RMT Required Monthly Test
RWT Required Weekly Test

State & Local Event Codes (Voluntary):

ADR Administrative Message Warning
AVW Avalanche Warning
AVA Avalanche Watch
BLU Blue Alert
BZW Blizzard Warning
CAE Child Abduction Emergency
CDW Civil Danger Warning
CEM Civil Emergency Message
CFW Coastal Flood Warning
CFA Coastal Flood Watch
DSW Dust Storm Warning
EQW Earthquake Warning
EVI Evacuation Immediate
EWW Extreme Wind Warning
FRW Fire Warning
FFW Flash Flood Warning
FFA Flash Flood Watch
FFS Flash Flood Statement
FLW Flood Warning
FLA Flood Watch
FLS Flood Statement
HMW Hazardous Materials Warning
HWW High Wind Warning
HWA High Wind Watch
HUW Hurricane Warning
HUA Hurricane Watch
HLS Hurricane Statement
LEW Law Enforcement Warning
LAE Local Area Emergency
NMN Network Message Notification
NUW Nuclear Power Plant Warning
DMO Practice/Demo Warning
RHW Radiological Hazard Warning
SVR Severe Thunderstorm Warning
SVA Severe Thunderstorm Watch
SVS Severe Weather Statement
SPW Shelter in Place Warning
SMW Special Marine Warning
SPS Special Weather Statement
SSW Storm Surge Warning
SSA Storm Surge Watch
TOE 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
TOR Tornado Warning
TOA Tornado Watch
TRW Tropical Storm Warning
TRA Tropical Storm Watch
TSW Tsunami Warning
TSA Tsunami Watch
VOW Volcano Warning
WSW Winter Storm Warning
WSA Winter Storm Watch