National Guard Returns to NH Airwaves

 (November 1, 2017) – After a three-year absence, the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters (NHAB) is pleased to welcome the New Hampshire Army National Guard back to the airwaves.  Due to federal budgeting and contracting difficulties, the National Guard has not aired recruitment spots in any of the 50 states.  A new contract will allow Granite Staters to see and hear messages from the Guard’s Something Greater campaign.

The Guard will take advantage of NHAB’s participation in the FCC-sanctioned NCSA program, designed specifically for government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Non commercial sustaining announcements (known in some parts of the country as Public Education Program, or PEP announcements) are funded by the sponsoring agency but aired on members of the state broadcast association.  NHAB guarantees a minimum 4:1 return of exposure for dollars spent.  The money goes into the NHAB treasury to keep membership costs low and participating stations provide a bank of volunteer airtime.  The NCSA program has been in use for more than 20 years in New Hampshire and is often utilize by various state agencies and private non-profits.

In a letter to broadcasters, Col. Robert E. Kuster II, chief of the Army National Guard, says:

Guard units across the nation help their local communities deal with floods, hurricanes,
fires, tornadoes, snowstorms, and other emergencies. These highly trained, dedicated
Citizen-Soldiers who serve part-time are ready at a moment’s notice. They take pride
in serving their communities and our nation.

The Army National Guard’s “Something Greater” recruitment campaign includes
television and radio commercials that emphasize the Guard’s unique domestic mission.
Each spot focuses on our Citizen-Soldiers’ commitment to community and country—
as well as the many personal and professional benefits Guard service offers.”

The spots for the new Something Greater campaign can be downloaded here.

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