March Antenna Now Available

Attorney Scott Flick

(March 21, 2017) – The FCC is seeking public comment on a new set of technical standards that have come to be known as Next Generation TV.  These standards amount to a convergence of over-the-air viewing with broadband viewing and streaming of other video content on the Internet.  Read all about it in the March 2017 issue of Antenna newsletter, courtesy of NHAB’s Washington communications law firm, Pillsbury, and Attorney Scott Flick.

AM fill-in translators are the subject of a recent FCC rule amendment.  The change makes it easier for FM stations to get coverage in problematic areas.

The gag order has been lifted in connection with the recent reverse TV spectrum auction.  Parties willing to surrender bandwidth, and potential buyers, are now free to communicate.

The Commission is also relaxing rules on foreign station ownership.

Interested parties have till April 28, 2017 to file comments with the FCC about the relocation of WVCA (88.1) in Newbury, MA to Seabrook, NH.

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