Granite Mikes entry window is OPEN

Granite_Mikes_golf_ballIt’s that time of year again and the window for entries into the 2013 Granite Mikes is open!  The physical mailer is on its way but you can get a head start now by going to and getting the entry .pdf.

Entries this year will be done on, the third version of what was  A much requested addition to the site has been made in the form of a Media Manager where you can view all of the files you have uploaded.  You will have full control over your files before the entry deadline passes.

We have tweaked a couple of our categories for 2013 as well as added a brand new award.  Our Station Website award has evolved into encompassing all of digital media.  From social media campaigns to smartly developed banner ads, mobile applications and traditional websites, this award will now more accurately reflect the digital world we live in.  Next, Our Interactive Promotion award was renamed “Best Station Promotion.”  Tell us about your creative ticket giveaways or station contesting – basically anything you do to interact with your audience.

Lastly, we have added an “Above and Beyond” award.  This award, to quote the Call for Entries, “someone who has gone “above and beyond” for your station in the past year. This can be anyone. Know an engineer who trudged through three feet of snow to keep the station on the air? Or an AE that helped a dealer sell a car at a remote?”  Nominate them!  The nomination form can be found here Above-and-Beyond-Award-Nomination-Nomination Form and online at

draft_lens19040339module156250233photo_7_1326065048caddyshack_quotes_gopher_picWe have also developed a nomination form for Broadcaster of the Year nominations.  Please use the Broadcaster of the Year Nomination Form and email it to [email protected] by the entry deadline of August 8.  A committee of NHAB Board members and past Broadcaster of the Year winners will pick the 2013 Broadcaster of the Year.  A broadcaster can’t win this prestigious award unless he or she is NOMINATED.  Nominate early and often!

Entries for NHAB members are $25 and the entry deadline is August 8, 2013.  As always, we are available to answer any questions about the awards process (or the meaning of life but we’re much reliable on that end).  Call the NHAB office at 603-627-9600 or email [email protected] and [email protected].  We hope to see a record number of entries in 2013 and we’re planning a great event at the Manchester Country Club on October 17th!

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