Sales & Leadership Help Hotline Is Open!

You may remember that “Hang on! Help is on its way!” are lyrics from a Little River Band song back in 1977.  Thanks to Tracy Caruso and the NHAB Board, your team’s sales and leadership help is here!  Why? Because NHAB member stations now have access to the NHAB Sales & Leadership Help Hotline: 972.522.8570.

Here’s how it works: we (Mark and Holly Levy) will take your calls on sales and leadership issues.  We’ll spend up to 20 minutes per call listening to the issue and offering practical and effective advice, resources, and solutions within our expertise.  We will return all calls as fast as we can, within 24 hours at the latest. Now, if we cannot resolve your issue, we will offer to work directly with your station at the applicable RDR consulting rate or point you to someone who may be able to solve your issue.

So please keep your NHAB Sales & Leadership Help Hotline number handy: 972.522.8570. When you or your team needs assistance with sales and/or leadership issues, help is here!

Our best,

Mark and Holly Levy
Revenue Development Resources, Inc.
National Speakers Association Member

Growing People & Teams from Influence to Impact!

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