From Tom Taylor Now, Our Chairman, Mark Ericson

You Can

Mark EricsonSeizing opportunities on the “first job” – Here’s Mark Ericson, formerly the Regional Technical Manager for Townsquare in New Hampshire/Portland/Augusta and scouting for his next position – “My first job was a tiny 500-watt daytime WMLO in Danvers, Massachusetts. I was 15 years old and I quickly learned what all the seasoned pros knew…that the most important piece of equipment in the entire station was the receptionist desk in the lobby! Second to that was the letter opener on top of the desk. That letter opener afforded access to the desk when it was locked and nobody was around. Keys to the soda machine and the supply closet were readily available. More importantly, so were the daily auction certificates that the station traded out, then sold for cash on the air. Apparently inventory control was pretty lax. Thanks to a then-program director who needs to remain nameless (he’s still in radio in Boston), I attended a local driving school for free. At the time in Massachusetts, having that driver’s ed certificate allowed me to get my driving permit 6 months sooner. Technically, I got my first driver’s license with a stolen driver’s ed class.” Mark Ericson just ended 22 years at WOKQ, and you can reach him at [email protected] or his voiceover website, Share your own confessional “First Job” story – email [email protected]. After all – You Can’t Make This Up.

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