February Issue of Antenna

Attorney Scott R. Flick

(February 20, 2018) – NHAB’s man in Washington is back with another monthly newsletter chock full of radio and television news.

The biggest news is that stations are pushing hard to meet the March 1 deadline for having all Public Files online via the FCC portal.  NHAB members were recently given an opportunity to attend a free webinar on this topic.

How would you not like to have to file paper copies of certain contracts and other documents with the FCC?  That may be possible under the next round or regulation-elimination.

Another front-page article deals with some western non-commercial broadcasters that were heavily fined for violating underwriting rules.

You are probably aware that Congress has been considering additional reimbursement funding for station affected by the spectrum repack.  Scott brings us the latest.

Click here to read the February issue of Antenna.


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