We Are Broadcasters

It’s no secret that many people overlook the importance of free, local, over-the-air radio and television.  Our stations deliver important news, weather and emergency information each and every day of the year and it is our job to preserve our future.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has put together the “We Are Broadcasters” campaign to deliver a message to the public that over-the-air broadcasting is a crucial part of their daily lives.  In times of emergency and for news and entertainment, broadcasters are there.

The NAB has asked stations to air radio and television spots when Congress is not in session in order to increase public awareness and support.  Stations can use these spots to remind viewers and listeners about the importance of the service we’re committed to providing every day.

Important dates when Congressional delegation will be in NH:

August 3 – September 8
March 23 – April 8 October 12 – 20
April 27 – May 5 November 1 – 11
May 25 – June 1 November 22 – December 1
June 29 – July 7 December 14 – 31

The NAB has also developed web banners, print ads and graphics to be used in social media along with suggestions for posts all of which can be found on the Broadcaster Resource page.  Please consider running these ads throughout 2013.

We Are Broadcasters :30 TV


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