Weather Bulletins Unavailable on Sunday

(December 9, 2016) – NHAB has been notified that all NOAA Weather Radio Stations in New Hampshire – except Pack Monadnock – will be off the air for about a 6-hour period on Sunday, December 11. 

Verizon scheduled maintenance starting at 7:00 p.m. Sunday so that another carrier could replace a section of damaged fiber cable.  NOAA  protested, pointing out that it anticipates “deteriorating weather conditions Sunday Night and Monday which may require us to issue weather warnings and/or advisories for Maine and New Hampshire during the day on Sunday.  Having NOAA Weather Radio’s off the air during this time period will impact our ability to meet our mission.”

Verizon replied that weather service circuits cannot be isolated from other circuits on the cable, which needs to be repaired and secured as scheduled to avoid an unannounced outage.

It may be advisable for broadcast stations to check the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the National Weather Service in Gray, ME.

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