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A number of stations have found that the FCC I.T. people have changed the Public File link to all caps for your call letters, breaking their own system. If your direct link on your website uses lower case, you will get a 404. Changing to UPPER CASE solves the problem. The FCC is now aware of what they call a “bug,” but several folks have reported the problem is immediately fixed by changing to capital letters.

Then there’s this item from page 3 of the November issue of Antenna newsletter:

“In a Report and Order (FCC 21-79) adopted earlier this year in Docket 10-234, the FCC mandated the disclosure and use of an email address in connection with every entity and person seeking an FCC Registration Number (“FRN”) in the Commission Registration System (“CORES”). An FRN is required to do business with the FCC. Individual principals of business entities that are FCC applicants and licensees
must also have an FRN. This rule becomes effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register. Publication occurred on October 29.

The FCC states that this change will foster a registration system that is easier to manage and maintain, and that is more secure. The Commission is in the process of a transition to a new upgraded CORES from the original legacy CORES.  The legacy CORES database has not required a registrant to input an email address. All new registrants are encouraged to begin with the new CORES. The Commission says that
adoption of this rule change will enable it eventually to retire the legacy CORES and retain the new CORES to deliver enhanced features and security to the members of the public using the FCC’s systems.
Because it helps authenticate the individuals who will be using the Commission’s information systems, the FCC believes that the new CORES will be a more secure tool for the Commission and external users through the use of personal username registration and email verification. An email address is a unique ID and digital identity for each user. It helps to ensure that the FCC provides better service and user experience based on data collected in connection with a registered email address.”

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