Welcome WEMJ-FM!

Binnie Media’s Laconia cluster appears to be among the first beneficiaries in America of the AM improvement window that opened in January.

WEMJ_1073In an effort to aid struggling AM stations the FCC allowed FM translators to be moved from as far away as 250 miles.  Conditions include the new FM translator simulcasting the AM station 100% of the time, and the ownership group must retain the license for a minimum of four years.

Binnie Media was the first company in the country to file for a translator relocation.  It formerly operated W298AH licensed to Claremont.  The FCC approved renaming it W297BS licensed to Laconia.  The antenna is located on WEMJ AM’s tower.

The new WEMJ FM went on the air Wednesday, March 16, 2016.  Congratulations to all involved!

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