Getting into the Weeds on CBD Advertising

In 2018, Congress enacted a new Farm Bill which decriminalized certain hemp products.  As directed by that Bill, the US Department of Agriculture in 2019 published interim rules on the “Establishment of Domestic Hemp Projects” adopting a national regulatory framework for hemp production and inviting the states to create their own hemp and hemp-derived CBD laws.  This laid the groundwork for a multi-million dollar industry for the legal production, sale, and advertising of CBD-based products.  With so much growth (…get it?) broadcasters are clamoring to know if they can accept advertising for CBD-based products.

To answer these questions, Fletcher, Heald, & Hildreth’s Frank Montero, Dan Kirkpatrick, and Seth Williams will present a webinar to unpack the new rules, the dos and don’ts and to guide broadcasters through the weeds (ahem…).  Tune in on Wednesday, January 29, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time.  Here is the GoToWebinar registration page.

This webinar is free to NHAB member stations.

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