FCC Drops Hammer on Cumulus

(August 26, 2019) – One of the articles in the August issue of Antenna newsletter deals with a recent $233,000 fine imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Cumulus Radio, LLC.  The fine details a $540,000 judgement against WOKQ in Dover in 2016 over inadequate sponsor identifications.  At the time Cumulus owned WOKQ (now it is owned by Townsquare Media).  The latest fine arises from additional sponsorship infraction at Cumulus stations in Michigan and Georgia that happened after WOKQ signed a consent decree to provide additional in-house training.

Also in this issue, the FCC has established a procedure for FM and LPTV stations to receive compensation due to the spectrum repack.

On August 13 new rules took effect for instances in which FM translators are causing interference with previously licensed entities.

Antenna is provided to NHAB stations as a free membership benefit.

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