NHAB Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program

Student Broadcaster Scholarships
The deadline has passed for the 2017 NHAB Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program.


shutterstock_160498775NHAB is committed to furthering the broadcast industry by helping New Hampshire’s best and brightest students pursue a career in broadcasting.

Students who are permanent residents of New Hampshire and plan to, or are, enrolled at an accredited institution of higher learning are encouraged to apply for the NHAB’s Broadcaster Scholarship Program.  NHAB awards $2,500 scholarships to students pursuing a career in over-the-air broadcasting.  In addition, a $5,000 is awarded in honor of the former President of the NHAB, Al Sprague.

Check here in January 2018 to download an application.


(L-R) Heath Cole, WFDR; Ed Brouder, NH SECC Chair; Angelique Inchierca, Student Broadcaster Scholarship winner; Mark Ericson, NHAB Chair; Jeff Bartlett, President and GM Jeff Bartlett.

Since February of 2003, stations have been invited to take part in the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Broadcaster Scholarship Program.  A statewide station/association-funded program, the Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program awards qualified students with a $2,500 scholarship toward pursuing a degree in over-the-air broadcasting.  The purpose of the program is two-fold in that it supports future broadcast generations, as well as provides stations with a reputable program to partner with to earn EEO credit.

In order to receive one full EEO credit for participating in the NHAB Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program, a participating New Hampshire nonexempt radio or television station will be required to:

1)      Donate a prescribed amount of money to the NHAB Student Broadcaster Scholarship Program.

2)      Help promote the Program via radio/television PSA, station websites, in-house bulletin boards, etc.

3)      Disseminate and collect completed Scholarship Program Applications.

4)      Participate in the evaluation process.

Station Resources:

2017 Radio Scholarship Rate Sheet

2017 TV Scholarship Rate Sheet

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