Call for Entries

2018 NHAB Granite Mikes - entries now being accepted

It’s time to prepare your entries for the 2018 NHAB Granite Mikes awards competition. Download your Call for Entry here. All entries must be submitted by Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

NHAB Above-and-Beyond Award
Nominees for the “Above and Beyond” Award should demonstrate where he/she went the extra mile for their station. Whether it’s an engineer who trudged through the snow, sleet and rain to keep the station on the air or an on-air personality that stayed on the air for a long period of time during an emergency. Anyone that is employed by an NHAB member station can be nominated.

Download an Above-and-Beyond Award nomination form

“Above and Beyond” Award Nomination forms should be uploaded to RockOurAwards like all other Granite Mikes Awards entries.

Broadcaster of the Year
Nominees for Broadcaster of the Year should display an outstanding commitment to his/her job, show unwavering dedication to the evolution of broadcasting, breathe life into his/her work by being creative and enthusiastic and be committed to the community.

Download a Broadcaster of the Year nomination form

Broadcaster of the Year forms should be emailed directly to