A non-commercial sustaining announcement (NCSA), sometimes referred to as a Public Education Program (PEP) is a radio or television campaign, or combination of the two, used to deliver an important public interest message. NCSA/PEP candidates contract with the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters to have this message delivered statewide. Funding for the program can come directly from non-profit organizations or government entities, from coalitions of those groups, through grant funding or through a partnership with a commercial company or foundation.  Airtime is provided on a “multiplier” basis. For every $1 of grant funding, the association will guarantee $4 worth of airtime. In some cases, this number is higher offering a 1:5 or even 1:6 funding-to-airtime-value ratio.  The allows NCSA/PEP partners to stretch a marketing budget and reach a statewide audience effectively.

What is the ideal NCSA/PEP message?
What is the typical ROI with an NCSA/PEP campaign?
How much does it cost to air an NCSA/PEP campaign?
Where and when will NCSA/PEP spots be aired?
Why do stations partner with the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters and participate in the NCSA/PEP program?
What kind of confirmation is received?
Are there rules pertaining to the radio/television spot creative?
Does the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters provide resources to create and distribute the spot(s)?