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What is an NCSA?

A non-commercial sustaining announcement (NCSA) is a radio or television campaign, or combination of the two, used to deliver an important public interest message. NCSA candidates contract with the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters to have this message delivered statewide. This contract is secured with “grant funding” and airtime is provided on a “multiplier” basis. For every $1 of grant funding, the association will guarantee $2 worth of airtime. In some cases, this number is higher offering a 1:3 or 1:4 grant-to-funding-to-airtime-value ratio.

How is it different from a PSA?

A public service announcement (PSA) is aired by a station without a monetary commitment, and is therefore aired by the station at its own discretion—if ever. PSAs are an effective and useful campaign approach for organizations who do not have access to funding and who rely solely a station’s commitment to community service. PSAs do not hold airtime guarantees.

Who is the “ideal” NCSA candidate?

A suitable NCSA candidate is a statewide government agency or nonprofit organization. Because the effectiveness of an NCSA campaign is its reach (% of NH stations participate in the program), the ideal candidate is someone who needs to communicate a statewide message.

Secondly, the ideal candidate is someone who has not/will not purchase advertising with a competitive form of media. In other words, organizations who pay for regular print advertising, or who are buying time on some stations but not others, are not eligible to receive “multiplier” rates through the NCSA program. The association exists to support its members, and asking our stations to provide double, triple or quadruple an organization’s investment when the same has not been asked of other media outlets, is not justified.

Some NCSA campaigns aired by the association in the past include the Army National Guard, the Coast Guard, Transportation and Highway Safety departments, environmental services, health and human services, emergency preparedness, tourism and consumer protection.

Learn More about the NCSA Program

NCSA campaigns guarantee a 1:2 delivery, and often have a 1:3 or 1:4 delivery ratio and is the most cost effective way to send your message statewide! The New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters makes it easy on you by managing the creative, distribution and reporting of your campaign! Click here to read FAQs about the NCSA program to see if it’s the right fit for your organization.

For a list of current NCSA campaigns running on member NHAB broadcast stations, click here.  Click here for a printable NCSA fact sheet.

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