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The NHAB is an EOE and is committed to non-discrimination and affirmative actions. All postings listed on this site must comply with EOE regulations. The NHAB reserves the right NOT to post any job postings that do not include an EOE statement.

Attention Stations:All newly registered employers must be approved by the NHAB staff before being allowed to post open positions. If you do not receive prompt acceptance, please call 603-627-9600 or email so we can expedite the process. All job postings and resumes will be listed on the NHAB Job Bank for a period of 60 days. Should a job posting need to be listed for an extended period of time, please contact the NHAB prior to the 60-day deadline or re-post the job using your Employer Admin Panel. Likewise, please remove filled positions from this list.

Job Seekers:Resume information remains on our site indefinitely. Having your resume posted on your site means that you are actively looking for employment. Registered employers frequently search through resume submissions looking for new hires. If you are not actively looking for a new job, please remove your resume information from the listings. If you need assistance removing your information, please call 603-627-9600 or email

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