Virtual Job Fairs

Our next Virtual Job Fair will be held from September 12-16, 2016!

NHAB’s first two Virtual Job Fairs were fantastic successes, generating dozens of leads from job seekers who visited BroadcastersVirtualJobFair to post resumes, browse job openings, and make contacts at New Hampshire radio and television stations.

Participants in the September Virtual Job Fair include:

  • Townsquare Media (WOKQ, WPKQ, WSHK, WSAK, WHOM)
  • Saga Communications (WZID/WFEA/WMLL/Hot Hits 94.1 & 103.1)
  • Tri-Valley Broadcasting (WYRY)
  • Costa Eagle Media (WCCM)


2016 Job Fair 30 PSA (right click to download) | 2016 Job Fair 60 PSA (right click to download)

NHAB member radio and television stations are encouraged to participate. Participating is strongly encouraged because of its value in your efforts to comply with the FCC’s EEO Rules and Policies. Your participation, or sponsorship, affords you the opportunity to:

  • Establish contact with new and experienced broadcasters who may be searching for a job;
  • Discover individuals looking for more information on an educational level about the many career opportunities in broadcasting;
  • Identify prospective college students who may be considering broadcasting for a course of study or major;
  • Meet with students looking for internship opportunities.

2016-2Each participating station group will designate a hiring agent, then promote the event on the air which drives traffic to the site.  Visitors can register and upload their resumes, and they are given information regarding specific open positions that they might be interested in.  Those registrations are then sent electronically to each participating station group’s hiring agent.

Participating stations must, as an EEO requirement, promote the event and monitor the email inquiries throughout the week.  The inquiries must be responded to by a person with hiring capacity for the broadcast group.

Sign-up by emailing or calling NHAB at 603-627-9600.